In the Studio

join us to design, create and build great Puppets, build masks & sculptures, and design your own fused glass.



Discover our puppet building studio.

The Long Grass Studio specializes in creating and building puppets‭, ‬masks and props for Theatre Companies‭, ‬Workshops and Festivals‭.‬

With many years of experience‭, ‬Juanita has worked with various theatre teams to design and create the ideal puppets and props to‭ ‬enhance the telling of your story‭.‬

Bring us your project and we will maximize your value and budget‭.‬

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Wool Roving & Felting

Your “one stop shop” for wool roving and felting supplies.

The Long Grass Studio is a Needle and Wet Felter’s paradise‭. ‬Needle and Wet Felters can enjoy shopping the studio’s ever expanding selection of Wool Rovings‭, ‬Needles‭, ‬Felting Pads‭, ‬Books and Felting Tools

The Long Grass Studio is an Authorized Distributor of Ashford Wool Fibers from New Zealand and an Authorized Distributor of Fine‭ ‬Felting Wools from The Woollen Mill in Alberta‭, ‬Canada‭. ‬We offer rovings of Merino‭, ‬Corriedale‭, ‬Alpaca‭ ‬&‭ ‬Silk Merino blends‭, ‬Felting Pads‭, ‬Felting Needles‭ ‬&‭ ‬Punches‭, ‬Acid Wool Dyes and‭ ‬‘How-To’‭ ‬books to customers across Canada through our ETSY Shop.

We offer‭ ‬FREE SHIPPING‭ ‬across Canada on all Felting Wool Orders over‭ $‬75‭ ‬by using coupon code‭ ‬FREESHIPPINGOVER75‭ ‬at our ETSY shop checkout‭, located at   TheLongGrassStudio

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learn how to felt.

It’s the hottest new hobby these days – ‬Needle Felting‭! ‬Easy to do, versatile – you can even do it on vacation!

Juanita is a very experienced needle felting instructor‭ (‬some say she’s needle felting obsessed‭!). ‬She’ll take you through all the steps to teach you one of the most joyful crafts ever invented‭.‬

Needle felting is versatile and allows you to create the most simple or complex sculptures with handful of loose wool and a felting needle‭. ‬This is simply done by stabbing the wool repeatedly with a felting needle‭, ‬shaping until it meshes the wool fibers together creating a firm object‭.‬

Our class includes all your Wool‭, ‬Felting Pad and Needles‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬everything you need to get started‭.‬

Our Wool

we offer 65+ colors of wool roving.

Our standard wool size is30G‭, ‬50G‭ ‬&100G Bags‭.  ‬Micron 27-30‭, ‬Staple length approx‭. ‬11cm‭ (‬41/4‭ ‬ins‭).

Alberta Merino and Corriedale Wool comes in 1lb‭ (‬454g‭) ‬packs‭.


Create beautiful kiln-fired stoneware.

Make stunning art with clay and glazes‭, ‬working with our‭ ‬‘bisque-fired’‭ ‬stoneware‭. ‬One of the first questions often asked is‭: ‬‘What is Stoneware‭ – ‬and what’s all the fuss‭?‬’

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There’s a lot of great advantages stoneware offers that china, porcelain or ceramics can’t.


Stoneware dish ware is very durable‭, ‬stronger and resistant to chipping‭.‬


Through our kiln firing process‭, ‬which is to 2250°‭ ‬F‭, ‬our clay and glazes become vitreous (non-porous) and harden to restaurant grade durability‭. ‬As long as you don’t drop it‭ (‬fingers crossed‭!) ‬stoneware will reliably last for years without chipping‭ , ‬staining or cracking‭.


Stoneware retains heat better than any other dish ware material‭. ‬If you want your coffee or tea to stay hot‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬stoneware is your‭ ‬solution‭.‬


Stoneware is safe from freezer to oven (not a pre heated oven) to table and then to the dishwasher and then back in the cupboard till the next round trip‭.‬


Stoneware Bake ware is absolutely stunning to bake with‭. ‬Once you’ve tried baking with stoneware‭, ‬you’ll wonder why you waited so long‭. ‬Our pie and casserole dishes are best in class for baking pies‭, ‬lasagna‭, ‬meatloaf or scalloped‭ ‬potatoes‭.‬

we bring in our stoneware inventory ‘bisque fired’.

‭(‬‘Bisque Fired’‭ ‬means that the pieces have been‭ ‬‘soft fired’‭ ‬once at the manufacturing plant‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and are now ready for glazing‭). ‬After glazing‭, ‬we do the deep long firing here in our studio‭ ‬kiln‭. ‬This means that you will get a consistent shape over time‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬great when you want to make a complete Dinnerware Set with your own choice of glaze colours‭.‬

Glass Fusion

design your own fused glass.

Fused Glass is one of the primary art forms we work in at The Long Grass Studio‭. ‬We make a large variety of fused glass dishes‭, ‬candle votives‭, ‬outdoor garden decorations‭, ‬farm-house Frames with fused glass inserts and wind chimes‭.  ‬We make all kinds of sun catchers‭, ‬home décor and one-of-a-kind drink coasters‭. ‬We’re always experimenting and trying new ideas‭.‬

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learn all about doing fused glass.

Each month we offer a class called‭:  ‬“An Introductory to Fused Glass”‭.‬

My approach to our Glass Class for beginners is focused on you learning the skills to feel comfortable and confident when working with glass‭. ‬While others cut all the glass for you and you are simply‭ ‬‘assembling’‭ ‬your project‭, ‬I teach you everything about the‭ ‬‘behaviour’‭ ‬of fused glass‭, ‬what happens in the kiln and how to use all the tools‭. ‬You will learn about the 5‭ ‬different types of glass‭, ‬the‭ ‬proper use of the tools and make a couple projects from scratch‭.‬

At the end our‭ ‬‘Introductory to Fused Glass’‭ ‬class‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬you should have the skills to make about 90%‭+ ‬of the fused glass pieces you see in Pinterest or Google Images‭.‬

Our classes are small‭ (‬up to 6‭ ‬students only‭) ‬and you will be working in our high production studio‭. ‬Give this new art form a try‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬you will be amazed at the creative skills you’ll unleash from within‭.‬

Drop In Sessions

where like-minded fused glass artists’ ‘zone in’ and work on their projects.

Once you have taken our Introductory Class – you are qualified to work on your own! Don’t have an idea? Do a quick search in Pinterest or Google Images (search Fused Glass) and you will be creatively inspired. Once a month we offer a drop in – where like-minded fused glass artists’ ‘zone in’ and work on their projects. Artists learn from each other and it’s a great way to build a new community. There is a minimal drop in fee that covers the cost of the tools and Pat’s assistance (if needed) for the whole session. Pricing for the fused glass projects are based on the size of project you are working on. You will always know your price before you start.

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we offer project based glasses.

A few times a year‭, ‬we offer a project based class where all students make the same thing‭ (‬you pick your colours‭). ‬Pat tries to‭ ‬introduce a new fused glass technique or skill into the class each time‮—‬keeping everyone in the learning mode‭. ‬These classes are‭ ‬a lot of fun‭, ‬the finished projects are fantastic and you’ll wonder where the talent came from‮…‬‭. (‬it came from within‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬you just didn’t know you had it‭!)‬


244044 Panorama Ridge SW, Calgary, AB T3Z 3L6 . longgrassstudio1@gmail.com